Other sites which proclaim the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus are listed here:

The Christadelphian Waymark magazine

A magazine devoted to the proclamation of the Way of Life in contrast to the dogmas of papal and protestant Christendom

The Bible Magazine

A Christadelphian site which deals especially with Bible prophecy, including history and future events which are predicted in the Bible.

Truth Seeker

An excellent site containing material on a wide range of Scriptural subjects - highly recommended.

Designed primarily as a Christadelphian resource, containing Graphics and OHP material covering a wide range of Biblical topics.

The Christadelphians Answer Branson Hopkins

A rejoinder to one of our critics, an ex-Christadelphian

.Homosexuality and the Bible

A rejoinder to a website by an ex-Christadelphian, promoting Homsexuality as an acceptible behaviour for believers. By contrast, this website plainly sets forth Bible Teaching on the issue


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